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Lance Neelly


My Promise To You

I plan to be a very involved representative and will always make time for my constituents. I believe in the 42nd, I believe in Kansas, and I believe in The United States. Throughout this campaign you can expect to see how involved I am by my work ethic. My campaign plans to come to your house and talk with you personally. I want to hear from you on which issues matter to you most. Be on the lookout for us as we will be out and about knocking on doors and participating in various activities within the district and county. Of course, if you have an issue that cannot wait then by all means contact me and I will make time to listen to you. This is the promise I make to the people of the 42nd. 

How can you help?

Not only do I plan to be involved with the district, I want you to be able to make a difference as well. No campaign, from Federal to local, can be successful without great support and great help. As we transition into 2020 and the new election year, we will have several opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard. We will need help with signs, parades, and most importantly, door knocking. If you feel like you want to be part of the conservative movement then click on the get involved link at the top or send me an email. We would love to have you on board!


Voice of Conservatism

Too often in Kansas we get legislators who do not follow the GOP platform. In 2016, several moderate Republicans and Democrats ran to unseat long time conservatives in several Kansas districts. Due to financial backing from several liberal organizations, many of these moderate Republicans and Democrats took over once conservative districts. This resulted in several districts that longed for a conservative voice in Topeka but they were left with legislators who abandoned traditional conservative values for their own liberal agenda. 


It is time that the 42nd district regains this conservative voice that the district longs for. In addition to bringing these conservative values back to the people, there is a strong need for someone willing to listen to what the people want. I will stand for the people of the 42nd and let them know that their voice is heard. I will make sure everyone in Topeka knows that the 42nd is conservative and we will make our voice heard.  

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