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The Conservative Choice For The 42nd

 This is an exciting time for Kansans and the people of the 42nd district. With the economy booming even in the face of a global pandemic, great GDP growth and a new tax plan brought in by our President, Kansas has an opportunity to benefit from these incentives. We do face challenges, our tax revenue reached an all time high, but expanding state budgets created another deficit. With your help, I will work with other legislators, not only to eliminate this deficit but also to ensure Kansans will continue to keep all rights guaranteed in our Constitution. 

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Be A part of Something Great

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Kansas Native with Kansas Principles

I’m Lance Neelly and I am running for the Kansas House of Representatives 42nd district. I am 52 years old from Hutchinson Kansas and the youngest of three children.

Growing up, my family didn’t talk about politics. One of the few instances that I recall concerning the topic had to do with my Uncle Rodney. He was a military veteran and a Law Enforcement officer with the Kansas Highway Patrol. He was someone whom I respected and looked up to.

Once, when I was 7 years old, my Uncle was visiting and he told us of his new assignment; protecting and driving the Governor of Kansas (then Robert Docking). I remember thinking that the Governor must have been an important man to require someone like my Uncle to protect him.

Later, via my Uncle, I received a framed autographed picture of the Governor with the following inscription, “Lance, take care of your ole Dad. (Signed) Governor Robert Docking.” Even though Governor Docking was a Democrat 😉, I still cherish that photo.      

My 2 older siblings followed my parents and became professional educators. But I found my career at the Maximum Security Prison in Hutchinson as a correctional Officer. Following that, staying on the same career path, I went into security and have been a security supervisor now for over 25 years.  

I have been blessed with four children, three sons and a daughter. They are all grown now, each one seeking and experiencing their own lives and families. I am proud of each and every one of them. And yes, I do my best to spoil my 3 grandchildren, when I am permitted, and sometimes on the sly!


One morning a few years ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and one of Derek Schmidt’s posts popped up. Since Derek Schmidt is Kansas’s Attorney General, I follow his Facebook page. AG Schmidt was in Kuwait and the post had a picture of him with a group of soldiers. My interest peaked as my son Justin was serving in the Armed Forces, and I knew he was stationed in Kuwait at that time. As I inspected the picture closer, to my surprise, front and center, right beside the Kansas Attorney General, was my son!!

Several months later I ran into Derek Schmidt at the Kansas Republican Convention.  I introduced myself, and mentioned the post, and who he was pictured with. To my surprise, he remembered the photo, and actually remembered the conversation he'd had with my son. Mr. Schmidt said “We were a long way from home and Kansas. When a Kansas soldier fights through a crowd to speak to you, you remember that.”


For the past 16 years, my wonderful wife Melynda and I have lived in Tonganoxie here in the 42nd district. We have forged relationships with neighbors and friends from Eudora to Tonganoxie to Easton, some have become family. We have shared dinners, beverages, conversation, we have laughed in the good times, had heated debates and cried when times turned tragic, and offered prayers. We have volunteered, fought on behalf of our community, and offered a helping hand when we could. 


This is our home.  A place that Melynda and I are proud of.  We take great interest in its future.



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